How I work

How I work

As individuals we all think, feel and behave in different ways in different situations. Integrative counselling allows for every individual to be worked with according to their own unique needs.

Integrative Counselling draws on mainstream theoretical perspectives, integrating knowledge and skills from different therapies to best suit your needs. It requires that we look not just at the internal world but at the external world we live in. It may mean exploring our earlier years and the impact that these can have on us as adults.

If you are bringing your child for counselling sessions I would require part of the first session to be attended by you as well as your child in order to gain this external perspective.

Your first appointment will be an assessment session which is free. Here you can ask me any questions you have and describe what has bought you to counselling at this time. From this point I am able to assess the best way of us working together and we can decide if we are suited to working together. We will go on to look at a contract that sets out how we will work.

When working with young people I offer six sessions which would be monitored and reviewed to ensure the client and I are working in a way that is most effective. If the client decided they wanted to continue sessions this would be an opportunity for further communication as a whole family unit. It may be that we have family sessions if this would be of benefit to the therapeutic process.

I do not discuss sessions with parents / carers as it is paramount the client feels that their confidentiality is a primary concern. Please rest assured that I will breach confidentiality when I consider the child to be at risk of significant harm or indeed anyone else they talk about. I have undergone child protection training and keep abreast of all issues relating to this field.

I recognise and believe in the deep impact of play and creativity and it’s role in unlocking deeper unconscious feelings. I therefore, offer art and play materials as a substitute for words when they are too difficult to find.

As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy I am committed to providing ethical good practice. My insurance includes public liability and professional indemnity.